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FITTA Acoustic Fencing

Experience the quieter side of life with FITTA Acoustic Fencing installed by Foreshore Fencing. Designed with the environment in mind, FITTA fences offer impressive noise reduction capabilities, longevity, and appealing aesthetics, making them the ideal solution for homeowners seeking a peaceful and sustainable fencing solution.

Superior Sound Insulation

Every FITTA fence panel is 24mm thick (25mm for Pearl & Tan), seven times the thickness of traditional Colourbond and double that of an average pine fence paling. This exceptional thickness, combined with a unique interlocking design, enables FITTA fencing to reduce external noise by up to 26db*, making your property a tranquil oasis, protected from disturbances such as your neighbour’s lawnmower.

Ecological and Sustainable

Each FITTA fence panel utilises around 2.5kg of waste plastic and 2.5kg of recycled wood, equivalent to saving 6250 plastic bottles from landfill. Choosing FITTA Acoustic Fencing means not only investing in a noise-free environment but also contributing to a greener planet.

Durable and Maintenance-Free

FITTA panels are pest, warp, and rot-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability with minimal maintenance. They seamlessly fit together like tongue and groove, reducing the possibility of gaps or holes over time.

Stylish and Functional

FITTA fences boast a double-sided design, providing aesthetically pleasing views for both you and your neighbour. With its 20-year guarantee, the FITTA Acoustic Fencing System is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Fitta fencing
Fitta Acoustic Fencing

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Why Choose Foreshore Fencing?

Expert Craftsmanship: Our team of experienced professionals specialises in creating aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting FITTA fences. We meticulously focus on each detail, ensuring your fence stands the test of time.

Superior Materials: We utilise only top-tier, sustainably-sourced FITTA materials in our fences. This approach ensures you receive a durable fencing solution that respects the environment.

Customised Solutions: Our services are tailor-made, ensuring that the design, height, and finish of your FITTA fence meet your property needs and personal preferences seamlessly.

Unmatched Customer Service: From the initial consultation through to the completion of your fencing project, our focus remains on customer satisfaction. Our commitment to exceed your expectations at every stage sets us apart.

When you’re looking for a modern, sustainable, and effective fencing solution in the Mornington Peninsula, place your trust in Foreshore Fencing for exceptional results. To explore more about our FITTA fencing services or to discuss your project, feel free to contact us today.

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Extremely good job done on my new fence - worker was friendly and meticulous.
Exceptional company that I have used over the many years! They provide a high standard with their work and are fast and reliable.
CJ was fantastic with his communication from our initial contact and quote through to designing and building our fence on a difficult sloped block! The team that turned out were professional, kind and just nice people.
We are really happy with our recently installed fence. Not only were the team wonderful to deal with they also left the area clean and neat once finished. Highly recommend this company!
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